SA everyone..
i have Regata 85
marfoo3a for 17 years in excellent way and condition.

kilos : 42000 Km

tires: used for about 1000 km tubeless perilli + new matador stepn tire bought in 7/2008.

the car had some barooma under the driver seat but the car was treated for that and was cleaned for any trace of barooma in it(few spots under the car-we are talking about 17 years here :) )

lel2asaf bta3 el dahan el zaky rashly el awayem and el carterat even though there was no barooma there and the awayem was intact-saleema.

the car has a new dahan forn.

mosh fabreeka not from inside or outside as i said.

electric glass in the front.

el farsh el asly and in good condition.

new acdelco battery 70 ampere dry bought in 7/2008.

new poineer cd cassete and 2 400 watt pioneer oval speakers bought in 9/2008.

the motor is in a perfect condition.
and i changed el bojehaat.
every thing in the car is as it's and it's been in a perfect condition now since i completely renewed it and went for 2000 km after moving it from the 17 years rakna!!

i need to know the price please..thx everyone