Jaguar has revealed an armoured version of the new XJ ahead of its official launch at next week’s Moscow motor show.
The Jaguar XJ Sentinel is almost indistinguishable from the outside, despite being fitted with an armoured inner cell made from high-strength steels with Kevlar backing.

This allows the XJ to offer ballistic protection up to B7 level and offer blast protection against 15kg of TNT or equivalent detonated within close proximity of the car. It also offers “substantial underfloor grenade protection”.
Jaguar managing director Mike O’Driscoll said the XJ Sentinel was the “ultimate armoured luxury limousine”. The firm is pitching it at governments and security organisations, as well as private individuals.
The Sentinel uses a long-wheelbase XJ chassis and power comes from a 380bhp version of the firm’s 5.0-litre direct-injection V8 petrol engine. The car can accelerate from 0-62mph in 9.7sec and reach a top speed of 121mph.

It gets an overhauled Adaptive Dynamics system with continuously variable dampers to cope with the extra weight of the inner cell, while the suspension and steering have also been tuned to allow the armoured car to match the dynamics of the standard model. The upgraded brakes from the 503bhp supercharged XJ are used in the Sentinel to boost stopping power.
Jaguar also says the armoured inner cell has minimal impact on interior space and rear passengers have one metre of legroom.

Buyers will work with a dedicated security consultant to select from a “wide range of specialised optional security and vehicle features available that can be tailored to meet individual requirements”.